The IDEF Baseline Functional Requirements (Baseline Requirements) are a community-based set of criteria indicating functional capabilities that are necessary to meet the  goals of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), as stated in the Identity Ecosystem Framework published by IDESG.  Identity Ecosystem Service Providers (Service Providers) are encouraged to use the Baseline Requirements as guidance for the competencies necessary for full participation in safe online identity ecosystems.  Service Providers who voluntarily participate in the IDEF Registry assist IDESG by sharing information about the feasibility and status of industry adoption of NSTIC’s goals.

IDESG recognizes variations among Service Provider organizations and operations and offers these options to provide flexibility and choice in the self-assessment and reporting process.  The IDESG IDEF Registry accommodates self-reports from Service Providers at any level of progress in implementing the Baseline Requirements.

Each step of the IDESG IDEF Registry process is a voluntary program.  The Self-Assessment Matrix is intended to be an information-sharing resource to report and promote implementation of the Baseline Requirements.  However, all persons providing information to IDESG for posting in the IDEF Registry program are required to agree to the IDESG IDEF Registry Supplemental Terms of Use.

Before you get started, you will need to:

  • create a login/registration to IDESG – COMING SOON
  • determine the person who should complete this report (see Who Assesses)
  • preview the Baseline Requirements
  • decide how many and which services you plan to register; have the URL and a brief (200-character) description for each service
  • decide which of the 5 core operation categories (Registration, Authentication, Credentialing, Authorization, Transaction Intermediation, each service covers (see IDEF Functional Model)
  • have your organization’s DUNS Number, or other government-assigned registration number